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Homemade Pet Treats 101

Our pets depend on us to incorporate their proper nutritional needs into their diet. You don't have to be anywhere near an experienced dietician - or even an experienced cook to put together some healthy and tasty treats your pets will drool over. These recipes will have you saving money on store-bought treats, and they take almost no time at all!

Quick Tips to Get Started:

  • It's Actually Pretty Easy: Many recipes involve few ingredients, minimal baking expertise, and are completed in a short amount of time!

  • Ingredients: You have complete say in what goes into (and stays out of) your pets' treats - customize ingredients in your treats for their preferences and needs. As it is nice to know what exactly is going into our meals, it feels equally as good to know the ingredients of our pets diet.

  • Pet Differences: Our pets are all different breeds, sizes, and ages. Whether it is as simple as wanting to bake a smaller treat since your pup has less demanding tummy, or focusing in on adding Vitamin A to support your cats' age - these decisions are up to you when choosing recipes and/or ingredients!

  • Special Needs: Of course we know that all of our furry friends are special, but some of their qualities require more special attention than others. Whether it be keeping an eye on their weight, alleviating joint pain, or improving their dental health, you can bake the biscuits with special additions to satisfy their specific needs.

There are some foods that we are used to that we should keep our pets away from. Luckily, most recipes pride themselves on simplicity. Sticking to the basics of flour, peanut butter, bananas, eggs, or other items you are aware that your pet has already been consuming. Make sure to stay away from any bad ingredients as well. Check out this list, breaking down what a dog should & should not have. It's always good to consult with your vet and tailor for your pet's specific dietary needs since not all are created equal!

Fluent Woof provides 105 Homemade Dog Treat Recipes - categorized into sections based on ingredients! Simple recipes like these will make your pet even happier and healthier. Being more intentional about your dog and cats' intake leads to an improved lifestyle - same as when we focus on our own individual diets.

We all know that most cats have a pickier nature than pups, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't whip up some delicious treats for them! Whether your cat gets their fix from tuna, salmon, or other tastes, hundreds of recipes exist. Take a peek at The Cookie Rookie for delicious treats to go above and beyond your cat's expectations!

Which recipe are you going to try first? Start off with the basics of the three-ingredient, no-bake peanut butter recipe or dive right in with a baked buttery, cheesy treat? Your pet will indulge in almost any recipe you test out - and you can alter it along the journey to satisfy their preferences!

The Town House for Dogs and Cats wants your pet to be the healthiest and happiest they can be! Homemade treats are a great way to show your dogs and cats that you care by keeping their nutritional needs and taste preferences in mind. We are happy to provide any advice over the phone or during your next visit to the Town House!

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