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Why it's worth getting your dog professionally Groomed.

When some people hear of dog grooming, they probably think it's an unnecessary expense; and mainly used for show dogs. "I just hose him off in the backyard."

But we're here to tell you that this perception is a myth. There are so many hidden benefits to pet grooming that you may not know! Other than your pet looking and feeling clean, your pet's health & hygiene should be a priority. So, besides your pet having an amazing spa day, let's learn about the extra benefits that follow when your dog is groomed. Here is an overview of how your pet can benefit from a professional grooming appointment.

Health Benefits

When taking your pet to a groomer, the groomer will look over your animal and detect infections, diseases and any health problems early. This will help you prevent unnecessary trips to the vet, and keep your pet healthy. A trip to the groomers also helps maintain the coat (fur especially) of the pet. This will help keep your animal clean, and smelling great. It will also prevent knots and matting on a dogs fur.

Another benefit for your loved one is cutting their nails. Uncut nails on an animal can lead to joint pain. Ears also are an important factor in grooming, When ear hair on a pet is left uncared for, the build up can cause moisture. This moisture build up ultimately can lead to infections and other harmful health conditions.

Professional Care

When attempting to groom and clean your dog, they usually will move around and most likely be a hassle to deal with. Preaching to the choir, we get it. We've all been there before!

Professionals know how to deal with this, so it can save you time, and effort. Also, dog groomers know what they are doing, and will most likely produce better results, then what you may attempt at home. They can also provide tips and tricks on how to better care for your dogs fur.

Giving the gift of cleanliness to your loved pet, offers them:

  1. A Healthy coat & skin - this is important for those breeds that shed a lot, have skin allergies, etc.

  2. Hey there good looking - they will look great and also keep your home a little cleaner too! Oh and they'll smell amazing, "wow what a difference!"

  3. Regular nail trimming not only keeps their nails short. It helps reinforce a healthy foot structure and posture, as well as reduces the risk of infection. Trust us, they'll thank you for it.

  4. Regular grooming visits may help uncover early detection of issues with your pet's skin, teeth, ears, etc. The process is thorough, so your groomer will always call out what they're seeing.

  5. Coat health helps your dog shed less. Also comes with less vacuuming!

Please reach out to Town House for Dogs and Cats for more information or make your appointment today.

As always, thanks for being a member of our Town House.

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