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Your Summer Vacation & Boarding Tips for your Pets

Written by the Town House for Dogs and Cats, 2021

It's that time of year and making arrangements for boarding your pet at a kennel (or Town House!) might at first be worrisome or sometimes feel like a guilt trip. But for your pet, it could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It can be for you too, as long as you choose a place that offers both of you peace of mind. Here are some important tips for planning what to do with your pet when you're away - whether that's for work or personal time away.

First thing we'd recommend is to do some research - visit a local boarding house and ask to meet the staff, and introduce your pet if possible.

Understanding the spaces and services offered at the facility are important when your dog or cat is boarding for an extended period of time. For example, if you know your pet requires a great deal of exercise and socialization, it is a good idea to see the indoor and outdoor areas provided.

Once decided on the best fit to board your dog or cat, one tip to ease the nerves of both you and your pet is to get acquainted with the facility before a long stay - This can be done by scheduling a training session, grooming appointment, or participating in a daycare program. This will allow your pet to better adapt to the surroundings and staff of the facility.

Whether your pet has considerable separation-anxiety or not, we all want our furry friends to feel most comfortable when we cannot be with them. Another tip when boarding your dog or cat to make them feel the most at home is to bring their own special food, favorite toys, and/or personal bedding. Your pet may or may not have the same attachment issues as those defined as a pandemic pup, but even the little details go a long way in reducing their stress when away from you!

When pets are at a boarding facility away from their owners, we feel that this time should equate to a Summer vacation for them too. Cats and/or Dogs should be free to have fun through playing and enjoying the company of other pets. Therefore, your pets can (and will) have scheduled recreational play times so that they are accustomed to routines, which is important.

Daily walks and sometimes baths, are also crucial aspects of their stay. We know that some pets require specific medicine, or instructions for dosage, time of day, etc. Routine medical care is vital to your pet and it's important to make sure all instructions for care are confirmed up front before leaving for your vacation. The medicine will be administered as needed to ensure good health and safety. All of these particulars should be performed by someone who has a special love for what they do. As instinctive beings, dogs can tell the difference. Knowing your pet is happy and safe during their boarding stay can be priceless!

Here at the Town House for Dogs and Cats, our experienced staff prioritizes care and comfort of your furry friend throughout all of our services. Tours of our Town House are offered Monday through Saturday after 12 pm!

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