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Why MY Pet is the Best!

We all feel that our pet is just so perfect in every way! They are much more playful than your sister's cat, better behaved than your neighbor's dog, and just the most lovable pet you have ever seen. We all love our pet more than we can put in to words. This is normal....but have you ever wondered why?

Researchers have argued the explanation regarding our attachment to our pets. Some say it is the evolution and adaptation of our species throughout time. Others say that it stems from humankind's ingrained need to nurture. Some even argue that our attraction to pets is to provide us a higher level of social status. Regardless of the exact scientific reasoning, we know that our pet provides us qualities that we will cherish forever. Anything from protection to friendship, we tend to dive in head first and trust our pet's abilities. And let's be honest, they make home life that much better.

A common question is, are our pets only loyal to their owners because we are their consistent source of food and shelter??... well, it may seem that simple, but it is certainly not! Although the relationship started off as a mutually beneficial one, the human-pet companionship now goes well beyond these basic needs.

Now forgive us for getting scientific, but bear with us here - Oxytocin is the hormone that bonds us to our pets and produces that sense of happiness and well-being in your interactions. This is the same hormone that we learn about in relation to mother-baby bonding. Our brain is releasing the same chemical when we hold our baby as when we interact with our pet!

We can all admit that we are obsessed with the cuddles our kitty provides us, look forward to playing around the living room with our pup, and definitely have zoomed in to take photos of our pets when they are showing off their utmost adorable-ness.

Whether we're buying them the nicest (or funniest) toys, or ensuring they are eating organic meals, we forget how much our actions reflect our love for them. Although the historical explanation behind the goo-ey feeling we get about our pets is unclear, we can both feel that unbreakable bond. And we've all most likely heard and/or have said that we at times like our pets more than humans. This bond is that strong and it's built on unconditional love.

Whether you are a dog or a cat lover, we all feel the same love towards our furry friends. As Sigmund Freud once said, “Time spent with cats is never wasted.”

The Town House for Dogs and Cats understands the unconditional love you have for your pet. We are honored to provide them with the same level of comfort you do - anywhere from bath time to boarding! Call us for more information or make your appointment with the Town House today.

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