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Walking your Dog in the Rain: Some Helpful Tips for both of you

We all know that dogs require a significant amount of exercise each day. And we also know that we the owners are significantly busy! That's why we thought it would be helpful to share some tips for our community - to help your dogs get their much needed exercise, even on the days that may seem impossible.

Sometimes playing indoors or in backyards isn’t enough for dogs, especially ones with high energy levels. So, taking dogs on walks, rain or shine, is typically necessary. Unfortunately, this time a year is wetter and colder than most, with rain showers occurring at higher rates than usual. In order to combat the difficulties of walking your dog in the rain, here are some rainy day dog walking essentials!

1. Your Attire

Dogs, just like humans, can get sick from the weather. One of the easiest ways for dogs to get sick is by staying out in inclement weather, such as the rain. Therefore, it’s necessary to make sure that your dog has the proper attire for walks in the rain. Getting your dog a raincoat, while it may seem ridiculous or unnecessary, actually can prevent your dog from getting sick, having to take care of it, and having to pay high vet bills. In addition, a significant amount of dogs don’t like walking in the rain. Getting them a raincoat can help ensure that they will continue to take their walks, regardless of the weather!

2. Make sure you have the gear

One of the biggest concerns about the rainy season is that it becomes increasingly difficult for drivers to see clearly. As a result, there is a higher chance of drivers not seeing your dog when walking in the rain, increasing the chances of a potential accident. To avoid this, replace your dog’s normal collar and leash with reflective ones. That way, if you’re crossing a street or walking on the sidewalk, the car lights will reflect off your dog’s collar and leash, making them more visible to drivers. If you don’t want to spend money on an additional collar and leash set, you can simply purchase reflective tape to add to the ones you already have!

3. The Leash and Harness you use

A significant amount of dogs get anxiety from harsh weather, such as rain. Even when they are indoor, dogs can have anxious reactions to the weather that is occurring outside. So, getting them to walk in it can be a difficult task. Once on the walk, most of these dogs will not only continue to have anxiety but have it get far worse. This can make walking them extremely difficult and even sometimes dangerous. To avoid this, make sure that you have a safe, secure harness on them. This will ensure that, regardless of their anxiety, both you and your dog will remain safe during your rainy season walks.

4. Shorten those Walks!

The rainy season brings with it a variety of hazards for dogs. Taking your dog on walks in the rain can potentially expose them to infections, bug bites, water-borne diseases, and even frostbite if it’s cold enough. So, shortening your walks will decrease the likelihood of your dog experiencing any of these difficulties. Since it’s necessary to walk your dog daily, continue to do so, but shorten it when it’s raining. You can find alternative ways to ensure that your dog still has enough daily exercise, such as playing indoor games with them.

5. Wash (if you have the time) and Dry!

Since the rainy season can bring potentially harmful germs and bacteria to dogs, making a routine of cleaning them after their walks is essential. While it may seem inconvenient, giving your dog a slight rinse when you get home can have multiple benefits. Rinsing them with warm water can serve as an easy tool to warm them up after a cold, rainy walk. Washing them will also wash off anything harmful that they may have picked up when walking. Make sure to use moisturizing shampoo if you’re washing them frequently because they may get dry skin from it!

Getting daily exercise is necessary for most, if not all dogs. While it may be inconvenient and often times annoying, walking your dog in the rain is an inevitable task for all dog owners. Instead of being fearful of it, just prepare for it!

Please reach out to the Town House for Dogs and Cats for any more advice or to book your next day care appointment. Call us for more information or make your appointment with the Town House today.

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