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The Importance of Grooming your Pet

Written by the Town House for Dogs and Cats, 2021

When was the last time you brought your dog or cat in for a grooming appointment? Or do you groom your pet yourself? Do you routinely brush your furry friend? The hygienic benefits of grooming in general go far beyond the appearance of your pet. We want to help shine a light on the subject of grooming, because most people (and pets) don't know the true benefits of maintaining that coat. Let's get into it.

Grooming will make your dog or cat more comfortable within their coat of fur or hair. Without frequent grooming, pet hair easily knots and mats and those tangles can lead to pulling on their skin, and even worse, creating tender sores. Remember, our pets cannot tell us when they are in pain, so maintaining consistent brushing and grooming routines are essential to their wellbeing.

Also, pets that are groomed frequently shed less because their coats are better maintained and healthier (out with the old, in with the new). Oh and less shedding means less pet fur & hair in and around your home! I think we can all agree that this is a win-win. For cats, when they shed less, they will be less likely to swallow their hair when self-grooming - leading to fewer hairballs!

Dogs are certainly the more complex, even dirtier animal. Here are some helpful tips for dog grooming, since they are definitely a different....breed!

Grooming should be seen as a routine/much-needed health check for your pet. Professional grooming services are multi-tiered and you can get something like nail trimming, or a full package clean/cut/brushing. This allows a professional to have a close look for any external abnormalities or changes that your pet may face, and provides much easier identification of any parasites on the skin of your pet - fleas and ticks can be hard to spot on your beloved dog or cat.

It is a good idea to find a professional groomer that is right for your dog or cat. Professionals tend to have both the tools and expertise that are difficult to come by on your own. They will help you learn which products are best for the needs of your pet - such as the frequency and thoroughness of grooming based on coat density and breed.

Townhouse for Dogs and Cats offers expert styling and extensive grooming services. Our services range from de-shedding treatment, to flea and tick shampoo treatment, to standard grooming appointments and more - all with the use of all-natural, hypoallergenic products!

Call us for more information or make your appointment today.

-The Town House

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