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Oral Health and Hygiene for your Pet

Is teeth brushing that important for pets? How do I know if my pet has a healthy mouth? There are a lot of questions when it comes to the oral health and hygiene of your dogs and cats - and we would love to help you answer them!

Why is dog dental care so important? Here are some helpful tips and interesting facts.

Preventing tooth loss: Infection and damage can result in a higher risk for teeth to loosen, and eventually fall out. Stay on top of your pets oral health by prioritizing dental care since an early age.

Preventing bad breath: Owners say their dogs or cats smell really bad even after a bath - when in fact it’s their mouth that they are smelling. And when your pets are licking their bodies or feet, they are leaving that smelly saliva all over their fur.

Preventing oral pain: This goes without much explanation - poor dental health can cause severe oral pain for our furry friends!

Preventing organ damage: Plaque bacteria can enter your pets bloodstream - potentially spreading to their kidneys, liver and heart. This can cause sickness and extreme organ damage - can all be prevented with simple solution of proper oral hygiene!

By the age of 3, over 80% of dogs have a form of dental disease. Commonly, owners are unaware of the state of their pooches palate.

Staying on top of oral health and hygiene of our pets is not as hard as many think. Yes, many dogs and cats refuse to let their owners into their mouth region. And, teeth cleaning and oral checkups at the veterinarian are very expensive because of anesthesia - the bigger the dog, the higher the price.

Instead, we suggest to schedule teeth brushing and/or oral check-up every time that your pet is due for grooming. By pairing these two services, it makes for an easy way to keep dental care a top priority too. Keeping your pet healthy leads to happiness for both you and them!

Town House for Dogs & Cats wants your pet to be healthy and hygienic. We know that it can be easy to forget about the oral condition of your dogs and cats, but call us for more information or make your appointment today for a teeth brushing!

The Town House for Dogs & Cats

Source: PetMD, 2021

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