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Benefits and Keys to Pet Training

Beginning basic training with a new pup or kitten? Or interested in teaching an old dog a new trick? Properly training your pet has an endless list of benefits - for both you and them. Training your pet leads to a safer, less stressful environment, and creates a deeper bond between the two of you.

Positive reinforcement is crucial in all areas of training. Celebrate what your pet has done correctly with a happier voice and a tasty treat in hand. The more frequently a pet is rewarded for a behavior, the more frequently they will practice that behavior!

Many people think that cats can't be trained - but that is far from the case. Positive reinforcement is proven to work with cats, along with most species on Earth! Would you rather your cat claw at your antique, one-of-a-kind furniture piece, or the intended scratch post that you purchased for them? Both dogs and cats alike are food-motivated, so treats are a go-to in redirecting their behavior. If your cat is less interested in food than most, try a play-session with a favorite toy or a laser clicker.

When on the topic of pet training, we typically think of puppies. Is it potty-training? Teaching how to walk on a leash? Or basic cues - sit, stay, lay, come? Between teaching your pup their name, or introducing them to your new household, they have a lot to learn! In addition to positive reinforcement, the key to training our pets is patience. It is impossible for your pet to soak in all the new learning after the first day of cues, first accident on your living room carpet, or first night of sleeping in their new environment. Keep your treats in hand, and remind yourself that training won't happen overnight.

Keep training sessions short (3-5 minutes a couple of times per day) and fun! Once your pet is showing clear signs of learning the desired behavior, you can transition to intermittent reinforcement - slowly phase out food treats and shift to real-life rewards, such as play-time, petting, or even just verbal praise.

Pet training not only creates an easier home life for you and your pet, but also proves it's benefits in social settings. Having a well-trained pet will relieve nerves when introducing your furry friend to any children, putting them in an environment with other dogs and cats, and many more situations.

Town House for Dogs and Cats offers one-on-one sessions with experienced trainers to ensure that your pet is exceeding your training wants and needs. Call us for more information or make your appointment with the Town House today.

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